my creative path

My art is my voice and I’m on a journey about discovering what I have to say“.

Searching for one’s creative identity is like searching for your purpose in life.”

Running Blind”

With the innocence and confidence of youth, my initial foray into the formal World of Art was with mindless enthusiasm and blind faith. I thought a Fine Arts degree was all it took.

What you resist persists!

Resistance to becoming an educator was futile. “Artist’s don’t make money – You need to be able to Teach – So make the right life-choices”. Life intercepts, working as a full time artist, turned to: working as a full time High School Art Teacher. Life tends to turn on oneself, and I’m back at asking the questions: What is my “creative identity” and how does this manifest itself in my art?

The Artist – Artwork – Audience – World Para dime.

This complex relationship between the artist, artist, audience and world, (agency) doesn’t have one face and is dynamic, forever changing and repurposing. Finding the answer to the hierarchy or order of each agency is elusive. Each agency’s voice ensures that it’s importance is vocally expressed through Instagram, blogs, Facebook, twitter … the list is long. Everybody professes to have the answer to how I, as the artist can find that harmonious balance in that complex world, and therefore find my True Artistic Self. And the true Aha moment will then result in abundance and true self artistic fulfilment and expression. REALLY?

Promote ‘myself’- Promote ‘new work= MONETIZATION (not as simple as that!)

These last 2 years have been about: Get your work out there, find a product that people want and the dollars will happen. Market yourself, market your idea, market your product, market your dream. Share yourself, share your idea, share your product and share your dream. Align your voice with that of others, and they will want it too and that desire will in turn result in the monetization of your creativity. Just follow the program that I am selling you, you can be Picasso too, see, I can show you how. I got side tracked in all of that and lost myself there for a while. Such is life.

To write about my art and it’s purpose in my life is an incomplete expression, so I won’t be writing that much. Rather, this website is a place that I’ve chosen to create in order to document my journey as an Artist. Art is my voice, and I’ve been given a unique gift of being able to express myself visually. If you would like to own one of my artworks, or commission your pet’s portrait then please visit the Contact Page and just follow that process.

Thank you for reading this, however, I’d rather you enjoy yourself looking at my art instead.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walton