my creative path

My art is my voice and I’m on a journey about discovering what I have to say“.

Searching for one’s creative identity is like searching for your purpose in life.”

To write about my art and it’s purpose in my life is an incomplete expression, so I won’t be writing that much. Rather, this website is a place that I’ve chosen to create in order to document my journey as an Artist, and share my work with a greater audience. Art is my voice, and I’ve been given a unique gift of being able to express myself visually.

Although I have not limited myself to one medium or style, the last few years I’ve mainly spent drawing and completing commissioned pieces. Please visit the commission page to see the various media and costs involved in commissioning an artwork for yourself.

Thank you for visiting my site, and if an artwork doesn’t have a sold sticker next to it, and it is not on the purchase page, please feel free to contact me so that I may assist.

A beautiful work of art is never perfect