Africa in Landcapes

The beautiful call of the African Fish Eagle is something that is part of my soul. I miss the roar of the lion and the snort of the impala before showing its white marking as it bounds off. I’ve done very few landscapes as an artist but recently was giving the opportunity to get back into this genre, and hoping to do more.

Zimbabwe Cow Herder

178 x 122cm Oil on Stretched Canvas

Commissioned: This painting was a challenge as I had never visited this part of Zimbabwe and the client had a vision in her head of her Grandmother’s rural village that she wanted me to re-create. It is never a straightforward process to try and recreate another person’s ideas, however, I’m glad to say that my client was very happy with the final image.

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Oil on Canvas 74 x 49cm

This is a painting that is a compilation of a variety of ideas, based on the Namibian landscape. Namibia holds a special place in my heart. It is one of those very special places on this earth. Private Collection.

Namibia Gemsbok

Digital Drawing – Size varies

This is a digital drawing using watercolour on Adobe Draw

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Namibia Elephant with Gemsbok

Digital Watercolour

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