Say No

My Art is my Voice. Through my “Say No” Body of Work I would like to share my growing concern about the impact Humanity is having on the animals that share this planet with us. I am especially concerned about the idea that one species, namely humans, appear to be almost wholly responsible for the current extinction rate of animals. We really do need to Say NO to our destructive and irresponsible behaviours. Currently, my “Say No” images are digitally drawn, and are available as merchandise as well as archival Giclée prints on Hannemuhle paper. Merchandised Images are currently available on Redbubble.

Say NO: To Canned Hunting

I was very fortunate growing up right next to the Kruger National Park in South Africa in the 60s and 70s. We often packed a picnic lunch and went in for the day. Seeing these magnificent creatures in the wild was always a highlight of the trip. Spotting one of the big five first also meant that your ‘sighting point score’ in our games we played, meant you probably were going to win the day. This drawing was created using Adobe Sketch. The main itself took about 12 hours of drawing, line after line, after line.

It saddens me to see how these animals are no longer considered one Africa’s marvels, but a commodity that can be farmed for individual gain.

Say No: Giraffe Pouching

It is estimated that the current Africa-wide giraffe population to be less than 100 000 individuals. This is a drop of almost 40%. In some areas traditionally regarded as prime Giraffe habitat, numbers have dropped more than 95%. As a species the Giraffe is listed as a vulnerable species.

Say No: Wild Dog Loss of Habitat

There are approximately 6600 wild dogs left in the wild. This species has been endangered for over 20 years. The principle threat to this species is the habitat fragmentation with increased human-wildlife conflict. Epidemic diseases from domestic dogs are also creating small population extinction.

Say No: To Domesticating Cheetah

Say No To Captive Cheetah and exploitative Breeding. The Cheetah is considered an endangered species, with Human-wildlife conflict, loss of habitat and loss of prey, as well as poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking being the main reasons for this. Cheetah cubs are currently sought after for the exotic pet market.

Say No: To Rhino Poaching

South Africa holds nearly 80% of the world’s rhinos and has been the country hardest hit by criminals poaching. It is estimated more than 1000 rhinos were killed each year during the period of 2013 and 2017. It is estimated that there are only between 27 000 and 30 000 rhino left in the world.

Say No: To Snares

Snares are cruel, primitive and indiscriminate traps that are still widely used in the world. Snares are non-selective and inflict extreme physical and mental suffering on the animal.

There is seemingly an increase in the use of snares in the Kruger National Park by poachers for the illegal bushmeat trade.

Say No: Dik Dik Snaring

The Dik Dik is the name for any of the four species of small antelope in the genus Madoqua that live in Southern Africa. They are about 30 to 40cm at the shoulder. They only weigh about 3 – 6kg and can live up to 10years.

The name Dik Dik’s name comes from the unusual alarm call that the female commonly makes, which sounds like a whistling zik zik or dik dik sound.