Everything Equine

Fascination with horses predates everything. Before being a mother, teacher, artist, and most other labels one can think of. I think I was born loving horses.”

To be able to express my love for these beautiful sentient beings through my art has been a privilege and joy. It would be a pleasure to create a portrait of your equine friend for you. Portraits are created using a variety of media, so please head over to the commission page to learn more. I have a few original artworks that are available for sale, as well as prints. If you don’t see a sale link next to an artwork, or it is not on the purchase page, please contact me and I’ll be happy to assist. All digital drawings are hand signed and are archival giclée prints on Hahnemühle paper or canvas.

Sandy on Turps

These are the latest portraits I’ve was commissioned to draw of a brother and sister duo. This is a pastel drawing on pastel mat. It is 70cm x 100cm. The brief was to show Turps’ strength and dynamic movement while. I think I captured that. And Chris on Sassy, that relaxed but alert and ready to go feeling was what I was aiming for. The client is very happy with the artworks.

If you wish to have a special moment captured in an artwork. Please see my commission page for more detail.


Charlie was a special Boy that was very much loved by his owner. He tragically lost his life during the Hawkesbury Floods while being rescued. If you wish to create a special keepsake of your departed pet, I would be honoured to create a portrait from photographs for you. To learn more about how to commission a portrait of your pet, please use this link.

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50 x 60cm
Oil on Stretched Duck Cotton

Arab in Profile

Watercolour and Ink Drawing

Prints of this artwork available – please use link to purchase a print.

Live Free

This is a digital drawing that has been further digitally manipulated.
Hand signed archival prints are available.
Please contact me for specific prints sizes and if you wish to print on Hahnemühle paper or canvas. All prints come with a certificate of authenticity and only limited prints are available.

Prices subject to change if cost of printing changes.

Line and Dots

Porcelain Ceramic Plate

This piece is about 36cm in diameter. Its made of Paper Porcelain Clay – It is not food safe, but a decorative piece. Underglazes, oil paint – varnished.

Standing in the Rain – Sold

It often takes me by surprise, what my inner voice has to say. When I allow the artwork to speak for itself, and not try and control the work with my mind, the result is often a bit of a surprise to myself. I don’t always know what my inner self wants to express. This work may seem very different to my sculptural pieces, but the process is much the same. Here I push oil paint around with my fingers, and in my Porcelain pieces I push and manipulate clay. Yes, this pieces has been completed just using my fingers, no brushes. My oil paintings are very different to my digital work, in that my drawings are very much a study in technical observation and mark making. I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I did, creating it.

Oil on Canvas. 102 x 76cm . Finger painted.


Just love the inquisitive expression on this character. With travel restricted and more time to explore my own practice, I took out my oil paints again. I’m very happy with the more expressive nature of the medium, especially as I would say this is a finger painting, having ditched the brushes and limiting them to the finer hair strokes and bits around the eyes. Oil on canvas. 75 x 110cm

Limited edition signed Giclée Prints of the original are available.

Olly is a commissioned piece, digitally drawn using Adobe Fresco. Olly was a dearly loved friend, and it is always a privilege to be able to provide a memory piece for a client. I especially love the alert but soft look achieved in this portrait.


This original artwork is a giclée print on Hannemuhle paper and hand signed. These are archival prints and will not fade. Certain access to the digital files is available.

If you wish to have your horse or pony portrait done, my commission Price starts at $450 – This is for a print size of 30 x 42 cm. Unframed.

Please follow the link to Commission Page for further information to have a commission piece completed.

For Wendy

For Wendy is a commissioned piece, digitally drawn using Adobe Sketch. This beautiful race horse was commissioned as a gift. Digital drawings are a suitable medium if one wishes to gift a portrait. Package print deals are available if one wishes to print on various merchandise.

This original piece was printed as a giclée print on Hannemuhle paper and hand signed. These are archival prints and will not fade. Certain access to the digital files is available.

For more information on commissions, click here.


This Commissioned Portrait was done in soft Rembrandt pastels and is 50cm x 60m on acid free Fabriano paper.

This portrait travelled overseas and it is always exciting that my art gets to travel the world even if I have to stay at home. I used more than one photographic reference, as often one photograph doesn’t quite do the trick. I do ask that clients try and provide me with images that clearly show the eye and coat colours accurately. The more details I can see, the better.

Pastel portraits cost $450 (50 x 60cm) sized paper.

Nil Vino Donato

This beautiful Thoroughbred has such a beautiful soft eye and noble head. I mainly used watercolour and ink digitally for this portrait. Digital Magnetic Prints are available of your horse, these are sun protected, and a great way of personalising your float or car. Easy to remove as they are magnetic.

Sizes Available from Fridge magnet to large 600mm x 400mm.

For More information about Commissions please use this link.

Might Mouse

Digital Drawing.

Might Mouse is a courageous pony and lives up to his namesake. He was purchased from the Camden sales and was initially petrified of people. With care and patience he has become a real champion pony, teaching young girls what a relationship with a pony is all about.

Full body portraits start at $550 for either digital or pastels artworks.

Pen and Ink Drawing

It was such a pleasure to draw this beautiful noble horse for a client. They wanted a pen and ink drawing. I don’t often do pen drawings for clients, as there is no room for error. I use archival marker pens or acid free paper, so assured the ink won’t fade. Pen and Ink drawings are limited to A4 size.

For more information regarding commissions please use this link.

Anything for me?

This pastel portrait on Fabriano paper was a 21st Birthday gift. Portraits of a beloved horse make beautiful sentimental gifts that I’m sure will be gratefully recieved.

If you wish to have a commission portrait done by a specific date, please provide me with at least 6 weeks notice. Digital works take at least 2 weeks for printing as they are sent away to be professionally printed.


Rosie is one of the most outgoing and spunky little mini ponies I know. She will do anything for food. She loves hanging out with people. This artwork is a watercolour and ink drawing on acid free paper.

Commission price starts at $450

For more information regarding Commissions – link

For Sarah

Commissioned Portrait. 50 x 60 cm. Just love the expression of this beautiful boy. I have to admit that the expression created is often something that happens when I’m painting.

Commission Costs start at : Aus$450.00

Commission info

Pony – Commission

Digital Drawing Commissioned from Photographs. Digital Drawings are ideal for those that would like to print large images – 900 x 1800mm is currently the maximum print size on offer. Prints are hand signed and a certificate of authenticity is provided. Merchandise packages are also available.

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