Clay Pieces

So very excited that my shortlisted sculpture: Did The Rosemary Survive?

Won the Artrepreneur People’s Choice Award 2021 in the Sculpture Category. Thank you to all those that voted.

Where the Clay Takes Me

I have not quite let go of the Fire Series, as that voice in my head has yet to go silent. However, I’ve been allowing the clay to lead me down the path a bit lately and just allowing the process to dictate, resulting in three new works that are vastly different from each other. One thing that has come out of this process, is that I love working with paper porcelain, under glazes and oxides; and allowing the muse to dictate.

Decorative Pieces

Dots and Lines = Horse

Ceramic Platter

This is a decorative platter. Hand build using Porcelain paper clay. This piece has a lovely matt finish and will make a striking wall piece for those that love horses and something a little different to hang on your wall. Diameter 35cm


After the Fire Series

Time Line: 2020 – May 2021

Did The Rosemary Survive?


32 x 32 x 31cm

Artrepreneur People’s Choice Award 2021 Finalist 2020 Fisher’s Ghost Contemporary Section

This piece won the is the continues to explore the use of texture and use of under glazes and stains. We had to evacuate our home during December, and I have a large Rosemary bush on my back patio area. We were fortunate that the fires went around us, so the Rosemary bush is still providing for us with its beautiful aromatic leaves.

“After the Fires” is a series of hand-built paper porcelain vessels that fall between utilitarian pottery and sculpture. These vessels are a metaphorical response to the 2020 Summer fires that ravaged Australia. Fire both chides and provides, it is mesmerizingly beautiful, yet can be horrifying and destructive. Like porcelain, our inner beauty and strength is revealed once we have been through the fires.


This sculpture is about our bodies and how it changes over time, and the permanent changes we make to it. The Title also references social constructs about woman, but I will allow the audience to come up with their own ideas about that.

Material: Porcelain, under glazes, oxides, clay stains.

30cm (12″) x 21cm (8.3″) x 24cm (9.5″)

Baggage Front View
Baggage Top View

These artworks are not functional tableware, and are not food safe.

After the Fire: The Trickle of Water

With this piece I continue to explore form and shape, within the context of responding to the 2020 fires that has so changed our Australian landscape. This vessel is hand build out of paper porcelain. The surface has been decorated with oxides and under glazes.

Height:33cm Length:29cm Width:22cm

When the Grass Catches Fire

32 x 30 x 32 cm

Companion piece is 9 x 8 x7 cm.

This piece was the first piece I made in the series and one is able to see how the surface texture is more constrained that with the next. Who knows how the next few pieces will develop.

After the Fires: The trunk still Burning

With this porcelain piece I continued to explore the idea of surface treatment and colour to express the idea of Fire and a metaphorical response to the Australian landscape. I have used glazes in this piece which is a little different to the other pieces in the series, in which I had just used oxides and under glazes. I especially love the way the oxides have created the idea of burnt metal, and it reminds me of the colours that can be seen in a wood fire, especially if there are nails and other metals in it.

Size:29h x 26w x 19 deep.


This work is in keeping to some extent with some of the stylistic processes of my other pieces, however, the more pastel tones, and flowers present a lighter feel to the piece. The earth is renewing itself with hope and growth.

Medium: Porcelain, oxides and under glazes

Size: 24cm (9.4″) x 18cm (7.2″) x 11 cm (4.2′)

Front Detail
Floral Back View

Intense Heat # 1

12 x 14 x 18cm

This piece started as a wheel thrown vessel. Rather uniform initially, until I started manipulating the clay and changing the form and surface. As you will note from my other pages, when drawing I can work in a very structured manner, whereas with clay, it is wonderful to see where the clay will take me if I don’t let my mind get in the way.

Bloom After the Fires

Earthen Ware

15.5 x 12 x 11.5 cm


Allow the Light and Beauty to Shine Through

32 x 24 x 28cm
Finalist 2020 Fisher’s Ghost Open SectionSold

This piece and the others in the series go against the perfection that is usually demanded of traditional ‘pottery’ pieces. Like a tree that is burnt scaring occurs and the fire may burn in the middle of the tree.

This work will be on exhibition at Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at the Campbelltown Gallery from the 31 October – Friday 11 December 2020. Sold

Orange Bowls

Earthenware, oxides and underglaze

These bowls are a continuation of exploring the idea that true colour is on the inside. The outer surface showing textures and marks are there to contrast the beauty and colour of the inside.

Orange #1 (15 x 15 x 5.5cm ) Left – sold

Orange #3 (14 x 14 x 7.5cm) sold

Orange #2 (18.5 x 18.5 x 7.5) right – Sold

Oranges and Cream

These two vessels remind me of the dollop of cream that we all need in life at times to make it just that bit special. These two pieces belong together, even though the shapes are different. Who said that companion pieces always need to be the same shape.

Earthenware, oxides and under glaze.


After the Fire: Recovery

This is the latest in the After the Fire series. I’ve introduced different coloured oxides and patterns into the surface. This piece is about hope and regrowth.

Porcelain, 22h x 34 w x 11.5 deep cm.

Blue Patterned Dish

This Piece came about me exploring textures on a piece of clay and then wondering what I’m going to do with it. It is one of the very few pieces that I’ve used glaze on. It makes for a great serving platter for starters, or you can rest a bottle of wine on it.

Porcelain, underglaze and glaze.

26cm long x 8.5cm high and 12cm wide.