I wouldn’t consider myself a portrait artist, however, every now and again a face captures my attention and I’m moved to draw it. The styles vary as the mood and inclination takes me.


This is a pencil study (digital) of my grandchild. Seems as if captivating eyes run in the family. Please contact me if you wish to commission a portrait.


My beautiful niece’s daughter has the most captivating eyes which I just had to try and portray in an artwork. Just love how the eyes just capture your attention.

Digital Drawing

What a Journey

This is a digital drawing using the charcoal tool. I really enjoyed expressing the idea of a journey or voyage in this portrait.

The Last Sermon

This portrait I did in church, listening to Warren giving his last sermon before retiring.

Digital Drawing.


I used an image off the internet to do this study – I really was interested in capturing the scruffy beard and hair. Digital Drawing. For the hard times, those eyes are still sparkling.


Suresh and his wife run an orphanage in India. They have dedicated their lives and efforts into helping children from the slums. Our church assist them and Suresh came to visit. A quick sketch of a remarkable man.

I Met this Interesting “Fella” in the Pub at Gulgong.

Hubby and I often take off on our Motorbikes exploring this beautiful country. On one of our trips we met this guy in the pub at Gulgong. He obligingly allowed me to do a drawing of him.


A quick watercolour sketch of one very cute toddler. Digital drawing using the watercolour tool.


Always a challenge to draw yourself in such a way that it doesn’t look like you are staring at yourself in the mirror. Yikes.