I’m always happy to create a unique artwork for you. When painting or drawing there is always a fine balance between realism and ensuring I create a unique artwork. The best compliment a client can give me is when I’m told that the artwork shows the sitter’s character.

Please brows through the information below to see what I offer.

Once you have an idea of the subject matter, size and Medium, please use my contact me page to send me an email and I will contact you to discuss details and final costs. Costing of artworks depends on subject matter, overall size and medium used.

Subject Matter

Although I specialise in creating Images of animals, I’m always happy to have the opportunity to draw people.

Single Portrait

Starts $450.00

Digital Watercolour Painting

Double Portrait or Full Body

Starts at $750

Playing on the Beach

Full landscape

Starts at $950

Brumbies After the Fire


I work in a variety of media, and each has its unique character. Oil Paintings take longer than pastel drawings, whereas Digital artworks is flexible with regard to how you would like the artwork to be published.

Pastel Commission
Oil on Canvas
Dik Dik

Pastel on Specialised Paper /Card / Pastel Board
The Ground I use is specialised surface developed specifically for pastels. I use either Pastelmat Board / Card or Mi-Teintes paper. I mainly use Rembrandt pastels that have intense pigments and are of archival quality.

Size starts at 50cm x 35cm, and It is recommended that you frame pastel artworks behind glass. Framing is not included.

Price From $450.00

Oil on Canvas or Board
Oil Painting on Canvas or Board. The most popular size of stretched canvas is 50 x 60cm. I can stretch my own canvas to suite your requirements. The 50 x 60m is the most common canvas size available and
starts From $750.00

Digital Drawing
Digital Drawings are the most versatile commission work I do. Because of the extremely high resolution drawings, very large prints can be printed. Printing is outsourced to a professional company that prints archival Museum quality images. All printed artworks are hand signed and can be printed in a variety of sizes.
From $350.00

Pen Drawing
Graphite Pencil
Ink and Watercolour

Pen and Ink Drawings
Pen and ink drawings are limited to A4 and A3 size images.
From $375

Coloured or Graphite Pencils
Coloured Pencil drawings are limited to between A4 and A3 sized images.
From $375

Water Colour and Ink
Water Colour and Ink artworks are limited to between A4 and A2 in Size
From $375

Size Of Works

A4 – A3
A4 From $275 A3 From $$450 Generally A3 is the largest drawing I do with pen, and coloured / graphite pencils Happy to discuss larger formats though.

Common Pastel Size
Pastel Portraits on: PastelMat Board 50 x 35cm . PastelMat Board 50 x 70cm PastelMat Board 70 x 100cm Mi-Teintes Card 55 x 75cm


Canvas Size
Canvas size 50 x 60cm -From $750 Canvas Size 60 x 90cm From $950 Larger sizes available please discuss

Digital Drawings – The initial cost of a digital drawing is $350.00

Personal Use of the Digital Image. This is included in initial cost.

You will receive a usb stick with a digital copy of your drawing. As the artist, I will maintain exclusive commercial rights to the artwork. You are allowed to use the image for personal use only. You do not have commercial rights to the image.

Full Personal and Commercial rights to the image – $1000.00 I will no longer have any rights to the digital image.

Hand Signed Printed Copies of your Commissioned Piece. $350 plus printing, see costs below.

Cost of A3 = $75.00
A1 = $160.00
600 x 900mm = $200
760 x 1000mm = $260
840 x 1190mm = $340
900 x 1200mm = $360
900 x 1800mm = $420

Archival Giclee quality, on Hahnemühle paper or Canvas. The printing quality is the same as what art museums use to print their prints. Each print is hand signed by the artist. Please note that canvas prints are not stretched on canvas. The cost of printing may change without notice, and is determined by the cost of printing charged to me.

A beautiful artwork is never perfect

Contact Me – for full quote

Commission Prices – Please note that these prices are a general guide only. Minimum SizePrice
Pastel Portrait – Single Head 50cm x 35cm$450
Pastel Portrait – Double Head 50cm x 70cm $750
Pastel Portrait on Pastel Board – Full Body 50cm x 70cm $950
Pastel Portrait on Pastel Board – Single Head (add $300 for each additional head )70cm x 100cm$750
Pastel Portrait on Pastel Board – Fully Body – complex background etc70cm x 100cm$1200
Oil On Canvas – Single Head 50cm x 60cm $750
Oil on Canvas – Double Head 60cm x 90cm $1300
Oil on Canvas – Fully Body on larger Canvas than 60 x 90 TBA
Digital Drawing – Digital Copy only$350
Digital Drawing – Digital Copy Only – Double Portrait$650
Drawing (pen and ink, coloured pencils, Graphite A4$275
Drawing (pen and ink, coloured pencils, Graphite A3 $375